House Symbol And 3d Character Showing Real Estate1.   Keep it Clean – Make sure everything is in place, all counters are wiped down, appliances are clean, and all clutter in storage are removed.

2.   Smell – Make sure the unit smells nice.  Whether it’s febreeze or a scented candle, something as simple as smell may attract or distract a possible buyer.

3.   Accommodate all showings – Make sure you do everything in your power to confirm all appointments.  A buyer can come from any showing, so make sure you accommodate all showings.

4.   Don’t be there for showings – Buyers like to feel comfortable in their surroundings.  Don’t be present when a showing takes place.  Leave the key in the lockbox and allow the buyers to feel as if the place is their own.

5.   Lock away pets – If you have pets please lock them away or give them to a close friend or family member during the selling process.  Some buyers may not like pets, have allergies, or are deterred by the fact there was a pet living in their future home.

6.   Be patient – Selling doesn’t happen over night and sometimes it takes a little bit of time.  Remain patient and optimistic and wait for the right buyer to come along.

7.   Competitively price – Make sure your unit is not over-priced.  If your unit is priced higher then all the others it will help sell the other competing units.

If you keep these factors in mind, you will have no problems selling your unit in a timely manner.


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