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Onyx Condo

Onyx Condo Address

223 Webb Dr (L5B0E8 / L5B3W4 / L5B0R8)

The luxurious Onyx condo building brings a distinct new style to downtown Square One Mississauga. Chic, modern, elegant design is what sets the Onyx condo apart from every other Square One condo. The Onyx condo features loft suites, a white/black/chocolate colour palette and amazing amenities. Truly a Square One condo masterpiece.


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  • Builder: Davies-Smith
  • Floors – 36
  • Year Built – 2010
  • Maintenance Fee – 55 Cents/PSF
  • Fee
Great affordable condo with loads of amenities

Onyx Condo Summary

Builder: Davies-Smith





Management Company

Simerra Property Management
  • Management
  • Buy/Sell :


  • Concierge
  • Rent/Lease :


  • PSCC / 900

    – 223 Webb Dr

Number of Buildings
1 Bedroom Start Price ($)
Maintenance Fee (Cents/PSF)
Construction Completion

Pets Restricted

This means pets allowed based on specific restrictions which can include type, size, weight, etc.

Included in Maintenance Fee

Central Air Condition / Building Insurance / Parking / Water / Heat

Onyx Condo Visitor Parking

Unlimited daytime visitor parking available. Sign in through the Front Desk Concierge. Residents have unlimited overnight parking passes per month for their guests. Each guest is limited to 3 overnight parking passes per month. Additional passes may be allowed through property management for specific situations. Additional spaces may be rented privately, available spots are usually posted near the mailboxes.

Onyx Condo Elevator Booking

All elevator inquiries are organized via Property Management. Elevator booking is done on a first come, first serve basis through a reservation form. A security deposit of $300 (three-hundred dollars) is required and payable to the condo corporation. Deposit must be via certified cheque, bank draft or money order. Cheque is returned if no damages are present. Availability (Moving or Delivery): Monday > Saturday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM / Sunday: Not Permitted

5 responses on “223 Webb Drive – Onyx

  1. Kristiyan Todorov

    Onyx is a very well maintained building with great management. Quick resolution to problems and no hassles at all! Strongly recommend it

  2. Blackcy Placidass

    The Onyx is the best condo in Mississauga. Makes you feel at home.
    The committee makes you feel like family.
    The website looks awesome. I will definitely be keeping a tab on the market.
    Great job !!!

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